Barbra Annino
Laura Carney
M.E. Carter
Phil Cooper
William Doreski
Katie Graham
Carol Lynn Grellas
Sarah Hutchinson Burke
AcuPUNKture Design
Davie Kiefaber
Alan King
Laura LeHew
Chris McCreary
Louise McGinnis
Sandra Maddux-Creech
Natalie Meisner
Stephen Millazzo
Johnette Napolitano
Sergio Ortiz
Kenneth Pobo
James Shackell
Loretta Sylvestre
Deb Thompson
Matthew Tod
Christopher Tradowsky
Vanilla Swingers
The Haiku
Ernest Williamson III
Vagabondage Press LLC  
New Directions in Art & Literature
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The Battered Suitcase is the flagship publication of
Vagabondage Press and is an online literary
magazine that promotes intelligent and imaginative
art and fiction.

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Barbra Annino, Laura Carney, M.E. Carter, Phil Cooper, William Doreski, Katie Graham, Carol Lynn Grellas, Sarah Hutchinson Burke, AcuPUNKture Design, Davie Kiefaber, Alan King, Laura LeHew, Chris McCreary, Louise McGinnis, Sandra Maddux-Creech, Natalie Meisner, Stephen Millazzo, Johnette Napolitano, Sergio Ortiz, Kenneth Pobo, James Shackell, Loretta Sylvestre, Deb Thompson, Matthew Tod, Christopher Tradowsky, Vanilla Swingers, The Haiku, Ernest Williamson III,
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