The Best Part Of It

you fly through an obstacle
course of roll-away chairs and
plastic trash bins on your way
to the sign-out sheet

all day you’ve longed for
the best part of it –
the mad dash into daylight
bright even after 6 pm

when your rear view
mirror swallows what you
speed away from:

the taskmaster eager to
have your ideas escorted
out of the newsroom

the call from a ranting activist
who’s discovered your editor
doesn’t think he’s interesting
enough for the paper

but now you’re a beltway
Buddhist – stroking the beaded
steering wheel cover, chanting:
tomorrow’ll be a better day,
tomorrow’ll be a better day

the mantra linked
like the chain of cars ahead,
everyone racing towards
some reassurance
that they’ve made it
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Alan King
Alan King's fiction and poems have appeared in the Arabesques Review, Warpland, The Amistad, and Fingernails
Across the Chalkboard: Poetry and Prose on HIV/AIDS
, among others. A Cave Canem fellow and Vona Alum, his work
was also part of
Anacostia Exposed, a collaborative exhibit with Irish photographer Mervyn Smyth that showcases
the life and energy of Anacostia. He is the author of his chapbooks "Transfer" and "The Music We Are" – also the
title of his manuscript.,
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