He wore a black organza bolero jacket,
with satin ribbons finishing the edges,
and a red chiffon strapless
cocktail dress.
It took a while but he walked
to the lighthouse at the end of the world
and forgot why he left.

It was hard to breathe,
and when he headed back
there were half-inch calluses
on his soles.


He walked straight at me,
the cubist sum of every man I’ve had.

Then he turned, sat next to me posing
like the caricature he will be in a few years.

After awhile, I put together the cubes
and left smiling.
Sergio Ortiz
Sergio Ortiz grew up in Chicago, studied English literature at Inter-American University in San German, Puerto Rico,
philosophy at World University, and Culinary Art at The Restaurant School in Philadelphia. His work has been published
POUI The Cave, Origami Condom. He is pending publication in Flutter, Ascent Aspirations, Origami Condom, Children,
Churches and Daddies,
and Cause & Effect.
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