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Australian-born Stephanie Davies has crossed oceans to study English literature in the country of its
namesake. She hopes that her creative writing course will coax back a little inspiration, as she has written
nothing more than Facebook Status Updates for months. In her spare time, she reads webcomics ironically,
dances to terrible music ironically and updates her Facebook Status.
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Crowned Corpse

I cannot pretend to comprehend
The way you brush your teeth,
Or why you love that bleach-skinned girl
Who wears a laurel wreath.

You waste our time by drinking wine
When you should drink from me.
Did she take your thirst away as well,
When she gave her vein to thee?

I was deceived, lead to believe
There was a life for us.
But there's no life for those without breath;
You and that cursed succubus.

Hand between thighs, feeding me lies.
I bathed and blushed for you.
Does she covet the flush of my cheek?
Something bloodless corpses cannot do.

Harsh florescent light showcases your bite
And yet you refuse to see,
Each time you drink from the poisoned well,
You become foreign to me.

I draw the coat from across my throat
And beg of you to taste.
You refuse, you hunger instead
For the one I have replaced.

She may be dead but she warms your bed,
The razorblade drops to the floor.
She doesn't deserve that laurel wreath,
That wretched, waxen whore.

I too have bled,
And once you fed,
But you don't love me anymore.
Stephanie Davies

You're almost beautiful with
translucent skin stretched like a canvas
across the perfect bones of your body
with its beckoning blue veins,
I reach to touch your hair,
no longer what it once was;
wiry and untamable now that
rays of moonlight have become your chains.

The night is a patchwork of
greys, silvers, blacks and stars,
your eyes; the deepest of midnight hues
I long to sustain myself with the red.
Pearly teeth to tender neck,
warm lips on my skin which are
comforting; a love-bite becomes violent,
you have made me the Undead.

Sweetness as a Curse

She will strangle you with rainbows,
Kiss it better until you bleed.
Your heart was clammed shut
When she pried you open,
Tonguing your meat.

She gnawed your hate away,
You're empty now.

Not one of us can deny her a thing
She is syrup, golden honey
Dripping like praise
From those pretty jaws.

Sunbeams in her smile,
The cancer is spreading.