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Howie Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, is the author of seven
poetry chapbooks: "Death of the Frog Prince" (2004), "Heartland" (2007), and "Apocalypse Mambo"
(forthcoming) from FootHills Publishing; "Strangers & Angels" (2007) from Scintillating Publications;
"Tomorrowland" (2008) from Achilles Chapbooks; the e-book, "Police and Questions" (2008), from Right Hand
Pointing; the e-book, "Last Words" (2008), from Gold Wake Press. He has been nominated twice for a
Pushcart Prize and twice for the Best of the Net anthology.
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Everything Simple Becomes Complex

The phones are dead, our children, unreachable,
unless that's one of them crying in the street.

Everything simple has become complex.
I should've known we'd be abandoned

to vandals and the weather,
and before many more freight cars had passed,

admitted to the priesthood of grief,
but my thoughts were taken up with other things,

the advantages of the gun versus the noose.
Now the three-legged black dog next door,

moved by the poor moon's blistered face,
growls all night in grisly sympathy.
Howie Good
Aria for My Daughter

She hears the slow thunder of a piano.
She wonders where exactly she is -
a new suburb of disappointment, perhaps.
She follows the red thread of the wind
as it twists inland.
She passes a huddle of secretaries
on their smoking break.
She can describe if they ask
the feeling of floating above thunder
on her belly and then her back.
She sees out the corner of her eye buildings
dissolving into particles and waves.
She tilts her face as for a kiss.
She sings in Italian though she's never spoken it.