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Jessica McWhirt
Giants of Realism

I love it when a dream is pulverized
   in front of my face.
I love seeing it crushed by the
   giants of realism.
Thrown into a blender, fast speed, liquefy,
   with a bit of scotch.
I love watching the giants chug it down
   just like a beer.
I enjoy watching these giants
   belch the alphabet
   with a dream.
I awe over a dream leaching
   out of the giants'
   enormous pores,
   like clay through
   a toddler's hand.
The smell of a dream burns
   my eyes
Almost to the point where I sneeze
   out loud.
Jessica is a Colorado native.  She snowboards in the winter and complains about the heat in the summer.  
She will still go out in that hot Colorado weather just to play a round of Frisbee Golf or slackline with her
friends.  If Jessica isn't reading, writing, working, at school, or doing homework, you'll find her at a show,
usually a Ska show.  She hums when there's a lull in the conversation.  She sings in the shower and would
eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she could.
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