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Clint Catalyst
Clint Catalyst is the author of "Cottonmouth Kisses", which held the #1 position in the Bestseller List over a span of
several years in multiple categories, and has been deemed a cult classic.  He has been published in a wide range of
anthologies, literary journals, magazines and newspapers and served in an editorial capacity at several magazines and literary
journals.   For more, see our interview with Clint in this issue and visit his website at
Millennial Love Story

Eyes delicate death
Blue, a shield -- colored contacts
Match this teal screened life
Where he'll never be alone,
So far as there's a

DSL connection.
Yes: Memory can
Be murder. I recognize
That Affected tone
On his end of the "Sidekick."

A timbre used nine
Months ago with me when the
Boyfriend not yet mine
Slithered for privacy from
His family: though

Here, in Los Angeles, this
Marvelous de-live-
Error of dreams, as the day
Fades, so do I, things
Said. He relocates a con-

Versation from our
Cottage, mandible flapping
Like a trap door as
He latches ours behind. So
Goes the nature of

The social contract: 1, 2
& 3 as I shift
Without moving an inch, towards
Epilogue.  His skin
The color of bleached skulls,

My heart is a closed
Casket funeral -- I'm used
Already to what
"[I'll] get used to." My screen-
Saver's's on
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