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Jonathan Jay Taylor
Jonathan Jay Taylor lives in Big Rapids, MI, with his wife and two sons.  He teaches writing at Ferris State University.  He recently completed a book-length
collection of poetry (with sabbatical support from FSU) and is seeking a publisher.  He is also at work on a second collection of poetry focused on the
experiences of raising a son with autism. Jonathan earned a BA and an MFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University.

All the maples finally
shedding their brittle ears,
ready for muting snows,
a storm's falling eyeblinks,
raising fears,
maybe of a sudden snap,
of being left out by the world,
of being sent to wait in the hall, hearing
only reflections of what's going on
in there, or worse, nothing at all, no
breath rhythm to count time, no
body noise, but somehow
still being able to see,
to long.
No wonder I worry
what we're doing to our sons.
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