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Naomi Woddis
Naomi Woddis writes and performs poetry, her innovative online invention Poetry Mosaic is gaining in international popularity. Her curating and project
management work includes 'SoundBlast' a partnership project with Apples & Snakes and the Poetry Book Society. She has performed In London and
nationally including Hackney's Write to Ignite Literature Festival, Theatre Royal Stratford, Utter, Bristol's Poetry Can and has been published in
Rising, Poet's Letter, Jupiter, Conversations Quarterly
and Inside Out magazine. She has appeared on both Resonance radio and Colourful FM. Her
pamphlet "Life is Music" was received to much acclaim. She is also a regular contributor to
Home Town

I take it everywhere I go, carry it
with my loose change and every border
that I cross, the difficult family member
I've stopped making excuses for.

We live on take-aways and gossip, the streets
gag with the smell of aftershave and beer,
a fight forgotten with Sunday's hangover,
punctuate our office days with tea

and instant coffee, count low fat calories
at lunch. All hell breaks loose at the sales,
the two for one smash and grabbers
who'd kill for that that designer frock,

a brand new juicer.
I'd leave him if I were you
the cabbie tells the puff-eyed girl sniffing
in the back of his cab. They say every week
a language dies but here, as the sun rises

over one night stands and building dust,
each day a new one is beginning.
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