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Christian Ward
Christian Ward is a 28 year old London-based poet whose work can be currently seen in Sage Trail, Grasslimb and Shoots and Vines. His new
chapbook, "Bone Transmissions", was released in March 2009 courtesy of Maverick Duck Press. A re-issue of his first chapbook, "The Grammarian and
Other Poems", is currently available on Lulu ( You can find him online at
Reading the Mystery Novel

Forget the pool boy with the congressman's wife.
Forget the professor with the lead pipe, the maid
with the arsenic, the estranged son with the gun.
Ignore the drifter with the smile sharp as a white
picket fence, neighbours sweet as marzipan.
Stare at the body being dismantled by beetles,
exposing the skeleton untouched by guilt or greed.
Gather the clues. Figure out the motive. Assemble
the suspects in the front room. Point the figure
at yourself. Remember the skull, how it used
to be someone like yourself, lost in the endless
rooms of grief and love, playing the same old game
over and over again.

It was fun while it lasted,
but the electricity petered out,
the cockroaches returned
to their other lives, the moon
pedalled furiously along a high-wire,
the cows in the fields became
scenery once more. And we, we
fell in love all over again.
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