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Hugh Fox
Hugh Fox's "Collected Poetry" has just been published by World Audience in NYC--this is his 110th book. He has published sixty-five books of poetry, a book on
French film, three books on South American archaeology, critical studies of Bukowski, Lifshin, and critical studies of the poets/poetry of the 60's and 70's.
Although he has 5 published novels, he still has some 34 unpublished novels much in the style/world-view of Virginia Woolf and Aldous Huxley, etc. World
Audience published his archaeology book called "Rediscovering America" in April.
Cinto de Siempre

before I even get there
you're already
searching the lilacs, red-bed trees,
Japanese knot-weed for
faces and
commandments for sanity,
as if they'd never
instead of just
getting shattered by the inanity of
siglo 20-21.
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