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Karyn Eisler has recently appeared in qarrtsiluni, BluePrintReview and Geist.  She holds a PhD in sociology
from UBC, teaches at Langara College, and worked as a radio and television broadcaster in a past life.  She
lives in Vancouver, Canada.  For links to her work, go here  
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The Secret (he thinks) He Keeps

He sucked back on the joint like he was kissing a lover with his eyes closed. She just watched and coughed,
concluded there's no mistaking the smell of pot, figured there's no denying the stench sticks to hair and cloth.
This made her think of his sons — sixteen, twenty and twelve. She wondered if they knew what their dad did for
fun, so asked straight out, "Do the kids know you're hooked on this stuff?"

He paused for a moment, took another toke, then he looked at her sideways — said, “Check this out.” He picked
up an orange and ripped off the peel, then squeezed the rind in half - forcing the oil to spray onto his pants. He
repeated the procedure on his head. He also sprayed his jacket. When he was done he held the rind to her face,
and in a slow happy drawl with his eyes half shut said, “No. They have no idea. It masks the scent.”
Karyn Eisler