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V. Ulea is a bilingual Russian-English writer, a scholar and a film director, the author of Quantum Manifesto. She has received a
Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania where she teaches courses on decision making in literature, film and the game of chess.
Her books have been published in the US, Canada, and Europe. Her book, "About Angels, About God, About Poetry" (Livingston
Press, 2002) won The Top Book Award at the International Book Fair "The Green Wave." Her cycle of poems, "Letters from Another
Planet:, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her works have appeared in the
Literary Review, RE:AL, Princeton Arts Review, The
Bitter Oleander, Crossing Chaos
and many others.
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Fatal Attraction

Her gravitational field was a
maelstrom of midnight obsessions, a
vortex of multiple personalities, a
whirlpool of parasomnias, and it
pulled him in, sponged him, imbibed
him, so he became a chain of
bursting molecules, an unbound
liquid of passion, a train of subatomic
particles jumping the tracks, and
much more, and much less, both at
the same time. He heard some
distant voices (did they warn him?
did they encourage him?), but he
kept falling - falling down, falling
apart, falling into pieces, free falling,
collapsing and disintegrating
incessantly on every somersault
toward the unfathomable…

Soon it was over.

“I’ve just discovered a massive black
hole,” he announced, tearing himself
away from the telescope.
V. Ulea
Irene Frenkel resides in the Philadelphia area and works in oil and pencil. She received her MA in Arts from the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts. She
received a grant from a Ministry of Culture of Schleswig-Goldstein Land and a Fellowship of a Jewish Museum in Rendsburg (Germany) for her
outstanding work. Her works have also appeared in journals and magazines, such as
Sein und Werden, Golden Visions, and many others. They are
included in anthologies, books and poetry collections, most recently, "Snail", a collection of V. Ulea
's short stories. You can find their collaboration at
Irene Frenkel