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Ayat Ghanem
Ayat Ghanem is a poet and writer whose inspiration lays in her plural origin and multi-cultural experience.  Of Algerian roots, French born
and British educated, she discovered literature in words of all alphabets and colours.  A wanna-be-academic, she is currently wishing her
PhD to materialize without her intervention and just writes itself out of smitten love for her.  Her poetry has appeared thus far in
Poetry Super
Highway, Lynx Poetry
and Mastodon Dentist.
Another Year

The moon had danced too fast
its revelation's heralded end unexpected
Unable to finish the task
she picked up her load and
carried on falling.
A Grain of Night

A long fingered dawn pointed at my bed
a grain of night I found
I measured it, in it was
space enough to fall in and out of
despair and desire. I lifted it
it weighed my burdens
and its load
It kissed me and caressed my brow
then burst leaving me with
respite and anchor.