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Austen Roye
Austen Roye has been previously published through Vagabondage Press, Chrysalis Press, and is to be featured in the "Little Red Book"
series through Lummox Press.  He has completed four collections of poetry including "Your Manuscript Was Recycled", "I'll Be Damned",
"Target: Audience" and "The Burn Means It's Working".  He is currently completing work on his novels, "Too Bad, Kid" and "Greatest Hits".  
He currently lives in Cleburne, Texas and can be reached via e-mail:
As It Is

That pain in the pit of your stomach
is there in order to bring you back to life,
to make you remember who you are
and where you stand among the

That pain is there to shake you awake,
to mask the dullness of everyday life,
to make light of your
plastic tragedies.

It provides you with a notion
of what real pain
feels like.

It pushes you out onto
the stage.

And if you buckle it only means
something terrible is dying within
you, clawing its way back toward
the light.

And when it passes and the feeling
subsides, a flat tire will be a flat
tire, rather than a valid reason to
walk into oncoming

An end will be an end.

A cut will be a cut.

A sickness will be a sickness.

what it is
as it is
and anything
but the end
of the