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Michael Lee Johnson
Michael Lee Johnson is a poet and freelance writer from Itasca, Illinois.  Michael has been published in over 22 countries. He is also
editor/publisher of four poetry sites which can be found at his Web site:  His published works can also be
found there. E-mail:  All of his books are available on
Illinois Trains

Trains, love them, hate them
the way they play sound; songs they sing.
Transformers  switch, vibrate the power
into poetry, shake notes out of the sky.
Short stretch, street to street, long stretches,
Chicago, Elgin, Rockford, though prairie towns of Illinois--
running the same rails over, attached to many places.
Shrill sound of horns dig deep in bowel of urban earth
like backhoes; developers changing passing landscapes
with faint, greed filled faces.
As the trains pass to history, train sounds
fall silent, a minor key.