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A Darker Moon
J.S. Watts
Abe Finchley is a damaged man, an orphan with no roots and no family ties. When
he finally meets the woman he has been looking for all his life, he finds not just love
and passion, but a dark and violent family history that spans generations into
humanity’s deepest past.

Eve is the woman of his dreams; but dream is just another word for nightmare, and
Abe knows all about those. Amidst a confused web of lies and secrets, Abe is trying
to discover who he is and make sense of what he may become. More than just his
future and his new-found love is at stake. When he discovers that he has a brother,
a man bound by divine destiny to kill him, Abe is going to have to make a difficult
choice. A choice that might redeem the world. A choice that just might destroy it.

A Darker Moon is a dark, psychological fantasy. A mythical tale of light and shadow
and the unlit places where it is best not to shine even the dimmest light.

Genre: Dark Literary Fiction
Imprint: Dark Alley Press
Rating: 16+
ISBN 9780615706528
Length: 160 Pages / Length 55K words
Published: October 2012
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J.S. Watts

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