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An Animal's Guide to Earthly Salvation
Jack R. Johnson
An assistant at an urban veterinary clinic, Jeffrey Rawlings has decided to take a
break from graduate studies and instead pulls nightshift at the animal hospital
while studying the modern philosophers - "from Kierkegaard to Marx" - to no
avail: wounded animals hound his existence. Jeffrey’s hypochondriac mother may
be dying of ovarian cancer, his money-hungry sister needs bucks for her 40-year-
old husband’s braces, and a heroin-hooked runaway is set on his seduction.
Meanwhile, the neighborhood transvestite swears he is Billie Holiday raised from
the dead. But the worst comes when his perpetually indiscreet Uncle Raymond
winds up getting shot. Soon enough, Jeffrey learns, it’s not just the animals that
need a cure.

ISBN/EAN13: 098191988X / 9780981919881
Genre:  Literary Fiction
Format: Digital/Print
Length: 47K / 148 Pages
Rating: 18+
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Jack R. Johnson