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Maggie Clark
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New technology, old grievances, ageless crimes: Chris’s world as a news editor runs
the gamut when a missing person’s case collides with a mysterious website in her
old haunt, the arts beat. Chris should be thrilled, but a thick slice of office politicking
stifles her quest for understanding at every turn. Chris can’t shake the feeling of
futility dogging her every move. In a world of increasing uncertainty, what passes
now for inner strength?

CHILDREN is a deftly woven tapestry of beautiful language, haunting imagery and
tension, a moving and thought-provoking work.

Praise for Children
"...well-designed, dark and gritty, told with complex descriptions and word-perfect
dialog. Branching side-issues always move back to the path, and scenes are strung
like photographs along a line. The unsettling characters fit the tale perfectly,
unfinished lives seeking direction."~Sheila Deeth

Release Date:  April 2011
Genre: Literary Fiction
Format:  Digital
Length:  15K
Rating:  18+
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Maggie Clark

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