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The Garden of Fragile Things
Richard J. O'Brien
In the late 1970s, Joe Godwin was just twelve years old, living in a working-class
neighborhood. Plagued by bullies and a volatile home life, Joe spends his time with
his three friends in search of adventure. The discovery of an abandon mansion
during a simple camping trip in a state forest sets of a series of consequences in
motion between the boys, inhabitants of the mansion, and the others who occupy
the garden behind the colossal home.

The Garden of Fragile Things is a literary dark tale that chronicles four boys’ coming
of age against paranormal forces that operate between two worlds.

Genre: Horror / Occult & Supernatural
Impring: Dark Alley Press
Rating: 14+
Formats: Print, ePub, Mobi, PDF
ISBN: 978-0692393222 / 0692393226
Trim Size: 5.25x8
Pages: 236 pages
Length: 68k
Published: June 2015

“From the first paragraphs, The Garden of Fragile Things holds you in its charm. Anyone
who is young, anyone who can or wants to remember the mystery, enchantment, and
fragility of youth will enjoy the rich mystery of O’Brien’s Garden of Fragile Things. You
won’t want to put it down — and you probably won’t either until there are no more
pages to turn.”
Thomas E. Kennedy, author of In the Company of Angels, Falling Sideways, and
Kerrigan in Copenhagen (A New York Times Notable Boo
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