Candy and Cigarettes

candyandcigarettes200x300by CS DeWildt

“Candy & Cigarettes is noir of the very highest order, a dark and moody cocktail of the bleak and the beautifully damaged.”~Chris Leek, Out of the Gutter Online

In the face of revenge, innocence is meaningless.

Death is omnipresent to small-town loner Lloyd Bizbang. Today proves no exception. After being attacked yet again by a pair of sociopaths who have targeted him since childhood, Lloyd stumbles upon a sight he wishes he could unsee in the town junkyard. Now as he just tries to live through another day, the bodies are stacking up in the town of Horton, and Lloyd finds himself connected to each of them via the drug-and-drink-addled, unhinging police chief, yet another person who has an old score to settle with Lloyd. A game of revenge and survival is underway, but will there be a winner at the day’s end?

Formats: eBook / Trade Paperback
Length: 86 pages
Imprint: Vagabondage Press LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0615738192
ISBN-10: 0615738192
BISAC: Fiction / Black Humor

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