Jenny Kidd

jennykidd200x300By Laury A. Egan

“The beginning chapters of the book are filled with desire, seduction, and sexual obsession…once I had reached the half-way point in the book, I found it impossible to put it down.”~ Martha Miller, The Gay & Lesbian Review

While spending autumn in Venice, a young American artist, Jenny Kidd, hopes to create a portfolio of paintings to launch her career and establish her independence from her tyrannical father. At the Guggenheim Collection, she encounters Randi, a colorful British woman, who impetuously invites her to a masked ball at the Palazzo Barbon. There, she meets the seductive Caterina Barbon and her brother, Sebastiano, who entice Jenny into a world of glittering facades that cloak sexual perversion, art forgery, and murder.

As Jenny struggles between her attraction to Caterina and her growing awareness that she is trapped within the beautiful walls of the palazzo, she discovers an inner strength and spirit worthy of her infamous pirate ancestor.

Formats: eBook. Trade Paperback
Length: 214 pages
Vagabondage Press
ISBN-13: 978-0615687612
ISBN-10: 061568761X
BISAC: Fiction / Mystery

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