Eta Carinae

etacarinae200x300By Brian d’Eon

When Australian bureaucrat, James Cook, is sent to Ayer’s Rock to sort out what seems to be a labour dispute, he finds The National Park and the local airport have been shut down by the aboriginal community. Aided by the enticing anthropologist, Pam, and the local elder, Billy, James goes on walkabout to Kata Djuta, hoping to gain insight into the celestial event the elders say is about to take place.

Eta Carinae, has suddenly begun to brighten and most astronomers think it’s a supernova. The elders think it’s something even more, and James has the not-so-unwelcome suspicion that everything he’s ever known is about to change forever.

Formats: eBook
Length: 98 pages
Imprint: Battered Suitcase Press
BISAC: Fiction / Science Fiction

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