Day For Night

DayForNightFinalSLIDERCover300x457p72dpiRGBBy Stacey E. Bryan

What I wasn’t expecting was to turn the corner and find my thirty-something neighbor Annie, eyes open, silent, encased by a cone of light and suspended in midair just inside the doorway. Nope. Wasn’t expecting that at all.

When reality TV star Rae is dumped by her back-stabbing cast mates, she quickly realizes that revenge fantasies and unemployment are the least of her problems after she witnesses an alien abduction in broad daylight. And it doesn’t help that a vampire knocks on her door soon afterward. All Rae wants to do is buy a condo in Hermosa Beach. How can an unemployed wannabe actress save the world…or at the very least, Los Angeles?

Mix vampires, an alien invasion, and an unemployed actor. Stir with wit and insight to get this wacky and smart science fiction fantasy novel from Stacey E. Bryan. Think Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for the West Coast celebrity-set, but with touching vulnerability in the leading lady and sharp insight into 21st Century American culture.

Wacky, off-beat, delicious, witty, and insightful — all words used to describe Stacey E. Bryan’s hilarious debut novel, Day for Night.

Formats: eBook, Trade Paperback
302 pages
Imprint: Strange Fictions Press
ISBN-13: 978-0692726112
ISBN-10: 069272611X
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Humorous

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