Ink Stains, Volume 9: A Dark Fiction Literary Anthology

Edited by Stacy Longo

Relationships are complicated at best. Some are beautiful, some are beautiful disasters, and some are just deadly.

This edition of Ink Stains explores some of the most fantastic, frightening, and fascinating dysfunctional relationships ever put down on ink, be it with a parent, a friend, a would-be lover, or Kurt Cobain.

Authors Clay McLeod Chapman, Mario E. Martinez, Matt Meyer, Ted Myers, Adam Michael Nicks, Jay Outhier, Doug Russell, Ryanne Strong, Bobbi Thomas, Lynden Wade, Kathleen Wolak, and Todd Zack give us a look at interactions between people behind closed doors and in the dark corners of their minds where dangerous, delirious thoughts sometimes turn into actions.

Ink Stains, a quarterly anthology published by Dark Alley Press, features gritty fiction. We are about shining a stark light on the shadows of life, exploring those dimly lit corridors, and unearthing those long-buried secrets. We are about examining the human existence and the human psyche in its raw, delicate and dangerous state. We don’t shy away from controversy, nor do we believe good will always triumph over evil or that someone will always be around to save the day. Sometimes all we have is ourselves. And the stories that keep us turning the page.

Formats: eBook, Trade Paperback
244 pages
Imprint: Dark Alley Press
ISBN-13: 978-1946050137
ISBN-10: 194605013X
BISAC: Fiction / Horror / Anthologies

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