Whatever Happened to Ohio?

By James Gallant

Strange things are happening in Neville, Ohio.

As cousins, aunts, uncles, and exes gather for the Noland family reunion, bizarre forces come into play. Strange lights and crop circles appear. Monsters have been sighted.

A devoted couple flee the altar and fall in with an inter-dimensional being and a reformed stripper. Meanwhile, a drug-dealing doctor in bunny slippers plies his trade outside town, and a young woman who drops into Neville from a passing freight car winds up dead in the back of a pickup.

What’s worse, the Ohio Bicentennial celebration attracts even more unlikely victims within reach of these otherworldly influences, including a pair of lady clowns, a Buddhist drifter, and a few unfortunates who thought they’d left Ohio far behind.

James Gallant’s darkly funny novel explores small town life, with all its rich characters and whimsical conventions. And behind the backdrop of tradition and family values, chaos has begun to stir…

Formats: eBook
Pages: 148
Imprint: Battered Suitcase Press
BISAC: Fiction / Humorous

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