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Jenalyn by Marianne Villanueva

Seventeen-year-old Jenalyn dreams of a better life. From the vantage point of her home island of Cebu, in the Philippines, America looks like a haven, a place where poverty and hardship can be left behind.

When Jenalyn attracts the attention of a much older American man, she and her family assume the rest of her life will be happy. But Jenalyn is unaware of the secret he hides, and the unexpected fate that awaits her.

JENALYN explores, with unflinching exactitude, the interplay of hope and delusion in the mind of a young woman who aches only to break free.
Facing the Furies by Daniel DiStasio

It’s hurricane season, and for one Keys community, the weather isn’t the only thing in turmoil.

“It’s starting already. There’s something fierce out there stirring everybody up. This wind is going to blow the earth into the sea.” At 86 years old, Opal, Bahamian matriarch and purported seer, tries to guide her family through the coming storms: JoBe, the nephew to whose drug activities she casts a blind eye; T.C., her teenage granddaughter who’s experiencing her sexual awakening, and Pearl, her niece whose marriage is its own tempest.

The Thompson family isn’t fairing much better. For Jessica, strung out and determined to make peace with her past, returning to Key West is, perhaps, the worst decision she’d ever make, but it is the only thing she can do. Her husband, Mark, mailman, dreamer, now single father, struggles to maintain a sense of family for his teenage daughter Mia. Coming to grips with the loneliness and responsibility of a single parenthood, he finds his life turned upside by Jessica’s return.

And for octogenarians Bud and Caroline Johnson, they’re just trying to weather one more summer of life’s storms.
The Golden Cockroach by J.B. Reynolds

He wants sex. She wants to drive his car…

It’s Nina’s third date with Jamie and she’s having second thoughts. He’s an insufferable jerk who only wants to talk about himself, and if it weren’t for his European sports car she would never have gone out with him in the first place. Depressed by both Jamie’s choice of restaurant and his attempts at conversation, her evening is looking grim. If only she had a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue...
Every Other Day But This by Alex Woolf

Elsa goes out one afternoon to post a letter. She knows she mustn’t be long. After all, her parents-in-law will shortly be arriving. But before she can return home, things start to spin out of control. It all begins when she decides to help an old lady with her shopping. One thing leads to another and soon she’s lost and far from home.

As her chaotic journey through East London unfolds, Elsa is forced to confront some pretty uncomfortable facts about her life and marriage. It makes her wonder: is she really just a victim of a series of unfortunate events, or is something else going on?